Inside My 1st DC Cannabis Cultivation Center Tour

What a difference a year can make. Last year at this time, I had just gotten my certification for medical cannabis and had a couple of exciting dispensary visits. I mean, who wouldn't be excited to be alive at this time of cannabis post prohibition where I can just walk in a store and get my marijuana. Every time I went into a dispensary, I said to myself that I would be in the now legal marijuana industry if it was the last thing I did.

Mapped: The 6000-Year History of Cannabis

A year later, I work in the cannabis industry, formed my nonprofit Holistic Minority Cannabis Institute and have already worked with a dispensary in Maryland and now National Holistic Healing Center in DC.

Recently, through my employer National Holistic Healing Center, I was fortunate to visit my very first cultivation center and one of the best cannabis cultivators in DC, Alternative Solutions. They are the home to some of D.C.'s favorite strains like Blue Cheese, Panama Red, Goji OG,LA Chocolat, Acapulco Gold, Chemdawg, Royal Medic and etc. A few of these, like Panama Red are classic landrace strains that Alternative Solutions has perfected over the years.

How to Grow Marijuana

The growing warehouse of magic is super inconspicuous though close to some pretty "infamous" spots in the city. I entered the building and the next step was to put on one of the "hazmat" suits. From there the journey of this healing flower from seed to flower to concentrate began.

I learned about cloning, the mother, generations, genotypes and phenotypes all while walking through all of the rooms of these phases.

Join me as I witness the growing of your future medical cannabis

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